January 7, 2022

Planning a Hen Do on a budget?

4 Tips for Planning a Terrific Hen Do Within Budget


A close friend is getting married, and you’re in charge of organizing her send-off into married life. You want it to be great because, of course, she is special to you, but you also want to make sure it’s within budget for all the ladies involved. You’ve also been thinking about having the hen do take place somewhere far away and wonderful, so you’re naturally worried about the end cost of sponsoring a destination party. No worries! Platinum Photography shares four excellent tips on how to pull off a terrific hen do party within budget.


Find an Affordable Destination


When you’re mulling organizing a destination hen do within budget, the location is everything. While the more popular destination cities, including Ibiza, Marbella and Albufeira, are a huge draw to attendees of hen dos, all these destinations can be uber-pricey in terms of airfare, drinks, and hotels.


The way to go is to spring for more affordable cities like Bournemouth, Newquay, or Brighton, which have the infrastructure for fun hen do parties and entertainment, but offer cheaper accommodations and drink prices. These cities are also safer than the bigger entertainment cities already mentioned.


Because all of you will be out of town to make it to the destination hen do, then be savvy and send out a reminder to the bridal party on how to stay safe during their travels to the destination. Also, ask the members of the bridal party to hold off posting on social media about the event until after it’s taken place. You want to make sure properties and belongings won’t be scoped out by potential intruders digging for info online on who will be out of town.


Opt for Cheaper Accommodations 


Many property owners or tenants rent out their apartments or homes to travelers. Typically less expensive than a hotel room and more comfortable, these rentals, booked online, can be plentifully found in practically any town across the country. With just a little focus and research, preferably done way before the party dates, you should be able to find an affordable yet homey, maybe even spacious place for all of you to stay in, near the shops, bars, and restaurants you want to be close to. Contact the person renting the property to find out more about off-the-beaten-path food, drink, and entertainment places that are known by locals.  


Eat and Drink Smarter


A sure and fast way to empty wallets during a hen do is to buy a steady stream of food and drinks without caring how much they cost. Before you set off for the party, have each member of the bridal party chip in with mixers and food to guzzle and chow at the rental place before heading out to paint the town.


Not only will you be saving a lot of money, you’ll be able to stay safe by making sure the drinks have been prepared safely at home. Another tip is to bring along reusable bottles of water so you won’t have to shell out for expensive bottled water.


Or, Just Stay Inside and Hang Out Together


Many hen dos serve as a “last hurrah” of sorts for the bride-to-be and her friends, as getting married can often introduce some drastic changes to a person’s lifestyle. So, if you want to skip the expensive destination party and simply hang around at home, that’s totally doable. All you really need are some basics to get you merrily through the evening.


First, you can hire a local caterer to stock your place full of great food. And instead of heading out for alcohol, you can play it safe and have some delivered using an app such as UberEats or Deliveroo. Also, if you want some tunes, build a few themed playlists through a site like Spotify. The options for putting together a low-key shindig are truly endless — just make sure it’s something everyone wants to do before putting this budget-friendly plan into motion.


If you want to be more inclusive, consider hosting a hag do, which allows everyone in the wedding party to celebrate together. You can still host at home; you’ll just have to offer more food, drink and leg room. For an extra dose of fun, consider having the event photographed as a gift for the bride and groom. Platinum Photography offers short coverage services that start at just £195, making this a much more affordable gift. Consider also asking a friend or other event goer to help take video of the hag do. When you’re done, you can send the recording to freelance video editing services to put together a budget-friendly photography and video package the bride and groom will love. 


With the above tips in mind, you should able to organise a hen do that is easy on the wallet. The key is planning ahead so you can change plans in case something comes up.